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  • Why the Government should “do an ETS” on the mandatory Internet filter

    May 4 2010, 1:13

    In the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, Bella Counihan suggests that the Rudd Government should “do an ETS” on the mandatory Internet filter and scrap the policy: The Rudd government’s internet filter has always been a kind of policy duck – flapping on the surface, quacking all the right things but with lots more happening […]

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  • Senator Sue Boyce: “Internet Filter Proposal Descending Into Farce”

    Apr 30 2010, 2:09

    Senator Sue Boyce, Liberal Senator for Queensland, has issued this media release slamming the Rudd Government’s proposal to censor the Internet: The Rudd Government’s hare-brained proposal to censor the internet was descending into complete farce with the Prime Minister admitting he didn’t have a clue what was going on, Liberal Senator Sue Boyce, said today. […]

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  • DBCDE forum reveals filter legislation not drafted

    Apr 29 2010, 3:57

    Delimiter has reported today on screenshots of a forum being hosted internally by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE), which suggest that there is yet to be a complete draft of the planned legislation and the possibility that it will be made an offence to promote methods of circumventing the filter: Electronic […]

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  • Libs take Government to task over U.S. filter opposition

    Apr 22 2010, 3:09

    EFA has received the text of a letter from Liberal Party Senator Sue Boyce to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and Foreign Minister Stephen Smith demanding they come clean on the nature of representations made by the U.S. government regarding their internet censorship policy. Recent revelations that the U.S. Department of State had broached the subject with […]

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  • “Treating Aussie internet users like a bunch of dodos”

    Apr 14 2010, 11:37

    In The Punch today, Lyall Mercer has a suggestion for Senator Stephen Conroy: Attention Senator Conroy: Forget about filtering the internet. Instead please pour your energy, time and (our) money into providing Australia with an internet – and a phone system for that matter – that works, is accessible and affordable. Read the rest of […]

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  • Filtering on Q & A

    Apr 13 2010, 3:43

    On the ABC current affairs panel show Q & A last night, the panel was asked about the Australian Government’s plan to introduce mandatory ISP level filtering.  The US Ambassador to Australia, Jeff Bleich, as well as the Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, and the Minister for Housing and the Status of Women, Tanya Plibersek, all […]

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  • US Ambassador critical of Conroy’s filter

    Apr 13 2010, 1:41

    The Australian reports on comments the US Ambassador to Australia, Jeff Bleich, made about the proposed internet filter on Q & A last night: CHILD pornographers can be captured and prosecuted without having to resort to mandatory internet filters, says Barack Obama confidante and US Ambassador to Australia Jeff Bleich. The Rudd government has said […]

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  • “Sir Humphrey Appleby on the internet filter”

    Apr 9 2010, 1:52

    Delimiter has a fun opinion piece today written by Darryl Adams, “Sir Humphrey Appleby on the internet filter.” It begins like this: To understand the situation that we find ourselves in regarding the internet filter, we need to refer to the great political textbook of our age: Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister. That great icon of […]

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  • Senator Conroy: the Internet is not special

    Apr 1 2010, 12:04

    In The Age this morning Senator Stephen Conroy, the Minister responsible for the Government’s plan to censor the Internet, repeated his mantra that the Internet is not special: Senator Conroy also brushed aside concerns from leading academics and technology companies that the plan to block a blacklist of “refused classification” (RC) websites for all Australians […]

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  • International media covers Internet censorship in Australia

    Mar 31 2010, 10:52

    The last two weeks have been particularly positive for the Open Internet campaign against the Government’s proposal to censor the Internet.  The policy is beginning to get the mainstream media scrutiny it deserves and Senator Stephen Conroy is clearly beginning to feel the pressure: the Government delayed the introduction of the legislation; Senator Conroy felt it […]

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  • Listen to Senator Stephen Conroy on Australia Talks

    Mar 29 2010, 8:23

    Earlier tonight Senator Stephen Conroy, the Minister responsible for the Government’s plan to filter the Internet, was a guest on Australia Talks with Paul Barclay on ABC’s Radio National.  The other guests were Colin Jacobs from Electronic Frontiers Australia, network engineer Mark Newton and Andrew Graydon from Netsweeper, an internet filtering and web access company.  Learn more here. You can download the […]

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  • “A mollycoddling internet policy is just feeding the trolls”

    Mar 29 2010, 6:30

    In an op-ed piece in The Age today, EFA Vice-Chair Colin Jacobs looks at the unfortunate practice of “trolling” on the internet and wonders if the public response to this phenomenon means we are becoming comfortable with being mollycoddled: One reading of these developments might be that an outraged public has finally got tired of […]

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  • US Government concerned about Australia’s proposed Internet filter

    Mar 29 2010, 12:23

    The Australian is reporting that the US State Department has some concerns about the Australian Government’s policy to introduce mandatory Internet filtering: THE Obama administration has questioned the Rudd government’s plan to introduce an internet filter, saying it runs contrary to the US’s foreign policy of encouraging an open internet to spread economic growth and […]

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  • iiNet says the filter is “ideological” and “political”

    Mar 25 2010, 10:58

    Computerworld reports that iiNet ‘s chief regulatory officer, Stephen Dalby, criticised the Federal Government’s mandatory ISP-level filter when explaining why iiNet did make a submission on measures to increase accountability and transparency for Refused Classification material: iiNet’s chief regulatory officer, Stephen Dalby, said the ISP considered the large number of voices arguing that ISP-level filtering does […]

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  • What happened – and didn’t happen – in Parliament this week … and what it all means

    Mar 19 2010, 1:40

    This week has been an important week for the Open Internet campaign against the Government’s proposal to censor the Internet, in part because of what was said and what happened in Parliament, but more for what didn’t happen.  Last night the Parliament adjourned until the budget week in May, bringing to an end the Autumn […]

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  • “Conroy’s net filter – are we becoming like China?”

    Mar 18 2010, 2:53

    In a thoughtful, detailed blog post for The Age, Leon Gettler looks at the debate in Australia over internet censorship: The debate over internet censorship, led by Communications minister Steve Conroy, continues to rage. Conroy wants all service providers to ban “Refused Classification” material hosted on overseas servers which includes child sex abuse content, bestiality, […]

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  • EFA Media Release: “EFA responds to Senator Conroy’s challenge and attack”

    Mar 16 2010, 3:03

    Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has responded to the extraordinary challenge and attack directed at it by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Senator Stephen Conroy in Question Time yesterday and today. In a response to a question asked by Senator Sue Boyce about Australia recently being added to a watch list of […]

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  • Oz Internet Censorship gets noticed in China

    Mar 11 2010, 10:00

    Kevin Rudd’s plans to crack down on Internet content appear to have drawn the attention of no less than the Chinese Government. The website of the State Council Information Office recently featured an article (Google translation here) on Rudd’s endorsement of an “online ombudsman” to deal with inappropriate Internet content and discusses the upcoming mandatory filtering legislation. The […]

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  • SMH: “Opposition grows to filter”

    Feb 25 2010, 10:21

    The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting this morning that the opposition in Canberra to the Government’s mandatory Internet filter is growing: BACKBENCH MPs on both sides of politics opposed to the government’s internet filtering proposal are vigorously lobbying their colleagues, creating a potential roadblock to the plan backed by the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy. A […]

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