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  • Google shine a light on government takedowns

    Apr 22 2010, 1:31

    Colin Jacobs has posted on the EFA website some information about Google’s Government Requests page, announced here, which shows breakdowns by country of the number of requests Google gets to remove information by service.  Read the post here.

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  • 7:30 Report: Internet filter policy under fire

    Apr 15 2010, 12:25

    Last night the ABC’s 7:30 Report covered the Australian Government’s proposed Internet filtering policy.  You can read the transcript here, or watch the video below: There is also an extended interview with Senator Stephen Conroy that you can download here.

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  • PM summons Conroy over US filter concerns?

    Apr 7 2010, 12:16

    The Australian is reporting that the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is believed to have summoned the Communications Minister Stephen Conroy to a meeting last week after media reports revealed the US was concerned about the Internet filtering policy: THE determination of the federal government to go ahead with mandatory internet filtering is not only creating diplomatic tensions […]

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  • CNN reports on Google, Australia and Censorship

    Apr 1 2010, 3:30

    The controversial debate over the policy of the Australian Government to censor the Internet has been now been reported on CNN.  SBS News has the video of CNN interviewing a spokesperson for Google Australia, Lucinda Barlow: This is just another example of the international media place further pressure on the Australian Government.

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  • Senator Conroy: the Internet is not special

    Apr 1 2010, 12:04

    In The Age this morning Senator Stephen Conroy, the Minister responsible for the Government’s plan to censor the Internet, repeated his mantra that the Internet is not special: Senator Conroy also brushed aside concerns from leading academics and technology companies that the plan to block a blacklist of “refused classification” (RC) websites for all Australians […]

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  • International media covers Internet censorship in Australia

    Mar 31 2010, 10:52

    The last two weeks have been particularly positive for the Open Internet campaign against the Government’s proposal to censor the Internet.  The policy is beginning to get the mainstream media scrutiny it deserves and Senator Stephen Conroy is clearly beginning to feel the pressure: the Government delayed the introduction of the legislation; Senator Conroy felt it […]

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  • Government versus Google

    Mar 30 2010, 11:12

    On Australia Talks with Paul Barclay on ABC’s Radio National last night, Senator Stephen Conroy launched an attack on Google.  You can listen to the program here or read the Sydney Morning Herald’s report on the topic: On ABC Radio last night, the majority of callers were opposed to the filters and right before the end […]

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  • Google: “An open web helps keep the bastards honest”

    Mar 29 2010, 11:06

    Iarla Flynn, the Head of Policy for Google Australia and New Zealand, has a piece in The Punch today on Google’s position on the filter: At Google, we value free expression. While we recognise that protecting the free exchange of ideas and information cannot be without some limits, we believe that more information generally means […]

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  • SMH: “On Conroy’s information byway, there’s some roadkill”

    Mar 27 2010, 11:06

    In the Sydney Morning Herald this morning there is a scathing op-ed piece on Senator Stephen Conroy and his plan to censor the Internet: IF YOU care about democracy, follow the worm. This worm has a name: Stephen Conroy. While Australians were distracted by another worm this week – top of the screen for Rudd, […]

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  • Washington Post mentions Australia’s filter

    Mar 25 2010, 9:48

    This week the Washington Post’s technology blog, Tech Post, blogged about the policy of the Australian Government’s policy to filter the Internet: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are among many high-tech companies that have objected to the Australian government’s plan to begin filtering Internet content. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 147 comments were submitted to the […]

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  • “This can’t be the way that Australia wanted it”

    Mar 24 2010, 6:09

    The technology blog Ars Technica recently covered Australia’s proposed Internet filter: This can’t be the way that Australia wanted it. One day after Google announced its decision to stop censoring its search results in China, the Australian government released the results of a public consultation on its own Internet censorship proposal. Predictably, Google has some […]

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  • Google on the Internet filter

    Mar 24 2010, 4:53

    Google’s Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs for Australia and New Zealand, Lucinda Barlow, was interviewed on The Midday Report today about the Australian Government’s proposed internet filter, criticising its scope as too broad. You can watch the interview here.

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  • Australian Greens: “Google shows the way on China”

    Mar 24 2010, 11:04

    The Australian Greens have issued a media release praising Google for no longer censoring search in China, as well as for their position on the Australian Government’s plan to censor the Internet: The Australian Greens say Google’s bold decision to stop censoring search and news results in China has shown the way for other companies […]

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  • SMH: “Conroy’s internet censorship agenda slammed by tech giants”

    Mar 23 2010, 3:26

    The Sydney Morning Herald has a good summary of what some of Australia’s biggest technology companies, communications academics and lobby groups have to say about the Government’s internet filtering policy in their accountability and transparency submissions: … many reiterated their concerns that the policy is fundamentally unsound and would do little to make the internet […]

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  • Vint Cerf on internet freedom

    Mar 18 2010, 2:28

    In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Vint Cerf, one of the creators of the key technology behind the internet, discusses internet freedom: Cerf has watched the internet evolve from a military tool to a globe-spanning means of communication, used by a quarter of the world’s population. But the medium, with its borderless nature, is […]

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  • Oz Internet Censorship gets noticed in China

    Mar 11 2010, 10:00

    Kevin Rudd’s plans to crack down on Internet content appear to have drawn the attention of no less than the Chinese Government. The website of the State Council Information Office recently featured an article (Google translation here) on Rudd’s endorsement of an “online ombudsman” to deal with inappropriate Internet content and discusses the upcoming mandatory filtering legislation. The […]

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  • Organisations against Internet censorship

    Feb 25 2010, 12:42

    We are looking to put together an exhaustive list of organisations that have publicly stated their opposition to mandatory Internet filtering.  We have started with the organisations listed below, but if you are aware of other organisations that have come out against the Senator Conroy’s impractical and costly policy of Government censorship, please leave the […]

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  • Google expresses concern with the Government’s filtering proposal

    Feb 15 2010, 4:28

    In addition to joining with the Australian Library and Information Association, Yahoo! and the Inspire Foundation in proposing some core principles for a Safer Internet today, Google also posted to its blog some further comments on the Government’s proposed mandatory Internet filter.  These comments were drawn from Google’s recent submission to the Department of Broadband, Communications and the […]

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