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  • “A mollycoddling internet policy is just feeding the trolls”

    Mar 29 2010, 6:30

    In an op-ed piece in The Age today, EFA Vice-Chair Colin Jacobs looks at the unfortunate practice of “trolling” on the internet and wonders if the public response to this phenomenon means we are becoming comfortable with being mollycoddled: One reading of these developments might be that an outraged public has finally got tired of […]

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  • Buy EFA and Open Internet t-shirts and other products

    Mar 3 2010, 11:26

    A few people have asked us about whether there is any EFA or Open Internet merchandise they can buy and wear to show their support for our Open Internet campaign. So we have now set up a store on Zazzle, where you can buy a range of EFA and Open Internet t-shirts, caps, mugs and […]

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  • 5 days into the Open Internet campaign

    Feb 19 2010, 2:57

    At the start of this week, we launched the Open Internet campaign website and we have been pleased with how the first few days have been received.  Of course, there was the inevitable discussion on the blogosphere about the shift in campaign language (see, for example, here, here and here) but that discussion only reinforced what […]

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  • Open Internet on Facebook

    Feb 15 2010, 10:35

    In addition to the Open Internet website and blog, don’t forget to become a fan of an Open Internet on Facebook. We would like the Open Internet Facebook fan page to become a hive of activity against the filter. Post videos, photos and links, and contribute to the discussion about how we can all advance […]

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