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  • On folly, freedom and filters

    May 14 2010, 10:57

    EFA Board Member, Stephen Collins, spoke yesterday at an event at Parliament House hosted by the Menzies Research Centre in a debate with Tony McLellan of the Australian Christian Lobby. The audience was primarily members of the Australian Liberal Students Federation; young Liberals destined for jobs as political staffers and politicians. Below is the text […]

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  • International media covers Internet censorship in Australia

    Mar 31 2010, 10:52

    The last two weeks have been particularly positive for the Open Internet campaign against the Government’s proposal to censor the Internet.  The policy is beginning to get the mainstream media scrutiny it deserves and Senator Stephen Conroy is clearly beginning to feel the pressure: the Government delayed the introduction of the legislation; Senator Conroy felt it […]

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  • Understanding Refused Classification

    Mar 29 2010, 8:37

    The one and only Stilgherrian, in his Patch Monday podcast for ZDNet, looks at the meaning of Refused Classification: Australia’s planned mandatory internet service provider level internet filter will block Refused Classification (RC) material. Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy says that’s “child pornography, pro-bestiality sites, pro-rape websites and material like that”. But it’s actually more […]

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  • Listen to Senator Stephen Conroy on Australia Talks

    Mar 29 2010, 8:23

    Earlier tonight Senator Stephen Conroy, the Minister responsible for the Government’s plan to filter the Internet, was a guest on Australia Talks with Paul Barclay on ABC’s Radio National.  The other guests were Colin Jacobs from Electronic Frontiers Australia, network engineer Mark Newton and Andrew Graydon from Netsweeper, an internet filtering and web access company.  Learn more here. You can download the […]

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  • Google: “An open web helps keep the bastards honest”

    Mar 29 2010, 11:06

    Iarla Flynn, the Head of Policy for Google Australia and New Zealand, has a piece in The Punch today on Google’s position on the filter: At Google, we value free expression. While we recognise that protecting the free exchange of ideas and information cannot be without some limits, we believe that more information generally means […]

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  • Concerns over the scope of the filter

    Mar 29 2010, 6:40

    The Australian reports this morning that some leading academics are concerned that the Government’s Internet filtering policy will lead to censorship of news and current affairs: Three leading academics, including UNSW Journalism and Media Research director Catharine Lumby, warned that the classification mechanism behind the filter was so broad that it could result in the work […]

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  • iiNet says the filter is “ideological” and “political”

    Mar 25 2010, 10:58

    Computerworld reports that iiNet ‘s chief regulatory officer, Stephen Dalby, criticised the Federal Government’s mandatory ISP-level filter when explaining why iiNet did make a submission on measures to increase accountability and transparency for Refused Classification material: iiNet’s chief regulatory officer, Stephen Dalby, said the ISP considered the large number of voices arguing that ISP-level filtering does […]

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  • Washington Post mentions Australia’s filter

    Mar 25 2010, 9:48

    This week the Washington Post’s technology blog, Tech Post, blogged about the policy of the Australian Government’s policy to filter the Internet: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are among many high-tech companies that have objected to the Australian government’s plan to begin filtering Internet content. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 147 comments were submitted to the […]

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  • Stilgherrian has an idea of how to fix Refused Classification online: “start again”

    Mar 24 2010, 12:20

    In a piece in Crikey today Stilgherrian discusses the problems with Australia’s Refused Classification rating for the Internet: One of Conroy’s key problems is that he’s trying to build an internet censorship system based on the existing cobbled-together classification system. It’s not his fault, but under current law the internet is a movie. “Australia’s current […]

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  • SMH: “Conroy’s internet censorship agenda slammed by tech giants”

    Mar 23 2010, 3:26

    The Sydney Morning Herald has a good summary of what some of Australia’s biggest technology companies, communications academics and lobby groups have to say about the Government’s internet filtering policy in their accountability and transparency submissions: … many reiterated their concerns that the policy is fundamentally unsound and would do little to make the internet […]

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  • Submissions on measures to increase accountability and transparency for Refused Classification material

    Mar 23 2010, 2:01

    The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy closed public consultation on measures to improve accountability and transparency of processes for the placement of material on the RC content list on 12 February 2010. The Department has now published the submissions online here. You can read the submission of Electronic Frontiers Australia here. The […]

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