Groups that Support an Open Internet

Organisations campaigning against the Government's mandatory Internet filter


Stop Internet Censorship is a group of people committed to educating the Australian people about the government’s attempts to introduce a mandatory Internet filter. This filter will be ineffective, inefficient and can be used by future governments to censor public debate within Australia. Stop Internet Censorship believe that educating Australians on the government’s plans by talking to friends, families and co-workers is an important part of the campaign against Internet censorship.
Block The Filter is a group of Australians representing the general Australian public, fighting for their right for uncensored Internet and free speech. With your help we could eradicate the Clean Feed Initiative and stop Kevin Rudd and Stephen Conroy's unfunny shenanigans. We will fight them and their plan. is an independent political movement to build a progressive Australia. GetUp! brings together like-minded people who want to bring participation back into our democracy.


Other groups opposed to the Government's mandatory Internet filter



Political parties that are opposed to the Government's mandatory Internet filter



Australian Facebook Groups opposed to the Government's mandatory Internet filter



Thank you to Freda Stare on Facebook whose, Groups Against Australian Internet Censorship: The List formed the basis for this list.


Does your organisation or group support an Open Internet for Australia?


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Note that inclusion on this list does constitute an endorsement or recommendation of Electronic Frontiers Australia. This list is merely provided to demonstrate the widespread opposition to the Government's mandatory Internet filtering policy and to allow people to choose opposition group(s) they wish to support.