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  • Why is the net filter alive and kicking?

    Sep 10 2010, 12:07

    Today Asher Moses wrote a great article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Conroy’s net filter still alive and kicking and gave a good understanding of the current state of play.  It mentioned that the Mandatory ISP Internet Filter received virtually no support outside of the Cabinet, and that the numbers are likely not be there to see it […]

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  • Poll result: What digital policies did Open Internet supporters vote for?

    Aug 23 2010, 6:04

    In the days leading up to the election, EFA ran a poll for #OpenInternet supporters asking the question: What digital policies will your vote be supporting in Saturday’s Federal Election?  The poll defined the NBN as being Fibre to the Home (FTTH) as opposed to Fibre to the Node (FTTN)  or a wireless broadband network. […]

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  • 94% say the Internet Filter will affect their Vote

    Aug 11 2010, 5:16

    The EFA poll last week showed 94% of voters will have their vote swayed by the controversial Internet Filter Policy. The poll asked “Will the Proposed Internet Filter affect the way you vote in the Federal Election?”. We received over 1,100 votes over 4 days and the result shows the policy has significant influence on […]

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  • Is Conroy’s internet censorship scheme dead? [Video]

    Aug 6 2010, 8:06

    With Joe Hockey’s announcement that the Coalition will vote against the government’s plan to censor the Internet, does that spell the end for Conroy’s plan for mandatory ISP censorship? Want to show your support for an Open Internet?  Here’s how Keep up to date with the latest news on Twitter and Facebook

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  • POLL: Will the Proposed Internet Filter affect the way you vote in the Federal Election?

    Aug 5 2010, 4:24

    Please click on the sharing and bookmarking links below to encourage the largest number of people possible to have their say.

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  • 5 ways around the filter in 2 minutes [Video]

    Aug 4 2010, 6:40

    We object to the Government’s plan to censor the internet for a variety of reasons – it won’t help parents, it won’t help police, it’s secretive, it costs a lot of money. Perhaps these points are debatable, but one isn’t – experts agree, anybody who wants to will be able to get around the censorwall, […]

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  • Help fight for an Open Internet

    Jul 20 2010, 11:14

    We’re hiring! As the country heads into an election and scrutiny of policies and issues intensifies, EFA needs help with our outreach efforts and so we’re looking for somebody to come on board and help get the message out to the community. Love social networking? Passionate about the issues? We’d like to know you. Have […]

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  • Conroy announces delay, filter to go ahead

    Jul 9 2010, 2:27

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy today announced that the filter will be delayed for 12 months to complete a review of the “RC” category of prohibited content, but will still go ahead following that review. Some coverage of the announcement can be found here and here. EFA’s responded with this media release.

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  • Gizmodo launches “Fight the Filter” campaign

    Jul 8 2010, 9:05

    Prominent tech site Gizmodo today launched a campaign entitled “Fight the Filter“, to spread awareness of the plan and the reasons why Australians should be worried. This week will feature a series of posts by experts on what is planned, how it has developed, and what the concerns are. The filter is not going away, and […]

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  • Gillard takes aim at the net’s “dark side”

    Jul 8 2010, 12:11

    In case you were hoping that a change in PM might lead to a change in policy, think again. On Darwin radio yesterday, Prime Minister Gillard continued the Government’s push for mandatory internet censorship, taking aim at the internet’s “dark side”. If there’s any change on this issue, it’s merely a slight shift in the […]

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