• 94% say the Internet Filter will affect their Vote

    Aug 11 2010, 5:16

    The EFA poll last week showed 94% of voters will have their vote swayed by the controversial Internet Filter Policy. The poll asked “Will the Proposed Internet Filter affect the way you vote in the Federal Election?”.

    We received over 1,100 votes over 4 days and the result shows the policy has significant influence on voting preferences by voters on both sides of the debate. Given the overwhelming influence of the policy on voters who participated in our poll, isn’t it time to see the issue discussed from all candidates standing for election?

    Until Joe Hockey’s comments on Triple J’s Hack program last Thursday night, the Internet Filter has hardly been mentioned by either of the ALP or the Coalition parties during the first two weeks of this election campaign. As there is evidence of substantial support to see the controversial censorship policy scrapped, it has been surprising this issue hasn’t received its fair share of air time in the electoral debate.

    An even bigger mystery is why the major media outlets have not been asking questions and driving the debate as, at the very minimum, a viable election issue that will win or lose votes.

    If you’d like to see the Internet Filter debate play a larger role this election, you can do something about it. Here are 7 things you can do to draw attention to the debate:

    1. Visit/Write/Call/Tweet your local candidates and tell them how you feel about the Filter.
    2. If you see a candidate in the street campaigning, go up to them and ask them for their position, and the position of the party they represent.
    3. Call talk-back radio shows and share your opinion, or even our poll results.
    4. Write a letter/email to the editor of a newspaper and share your opinion, or ask why they aren’t providing adequate coverage of this issue.
    5. If your able to get to the Town Hall meeting in Sydney tonight, ask a question about the Internet Filter to Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott.
    6. Email and Tweet morning news programs with questions and comments about the Filter
    7. Email and Tweet other TV programs where Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott are appearing with questions and comments about the Filter

    If we all took just one action from this list, it would be impossible for the debate to be ignored. Lets all do one of these in the next 7 days.

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