• 5 ways around the filter in 2 minutes [Video]

    Aug 4 2010, 6:40

    We object to the Government’s plan to censor the internet for a variety of reasons – it won’t help parents, it won’t help police, it’s secretive, it costs a lot of money. Perhaps these points are debatable, but one isn’t – experts agree, anybody who wants to will be able to get around the censorwall, easily, on day one.

    Here is a demonstration of how ridiculously easy it will be. In two minutes, I demonstrate not just how to get around the filter, but 5 different ways to get around it.

    The first is to use the Google cache – Google’s stored copy of the page. Google  has proved a nuisance to would-be censors everywhere, and the cache is one reason why. Using a VPN and a proxy get a mention. The remaining two are so trivially simple they may surprise you.

    Will the ease of getting around the filter cause an arms race, with the Government tightening the law every further? We hope not. But one reason to worry about the filter, even if ineffective, is certainly that its very uselessness might lead to calls for more restrictive censorship.

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