• It’s Time to Tell Mum

    May 27 2010, 7:00

    We’re excited to announce that EFA have today launched a new campaign to raise public awareness of the Government’s internet filter: “Time to Tell Mum.”

    The campaign features comedian Akmal Saleh and exhorts Australians to tell their mums about the filter plan and what it won’t do for Australian families.

    One of the big challenges in the debate so far has been combating the myth that the filter is – or ever was – a cyber-safety tool designed to keep kids safe online. It’s not. It’s designed to “harmonise” censorship laws, not protect children from inappropriate content. It’s censorship for its own sake.

    We know that the more people understand the proposal, the less there are that support it. This is an opportunity for those ‘in the know’ to help in educating the wider community, with a focus on parents who are the most worried about cyber-safety issues, but won’t be helped by the policy. We hope this campaign will reach some new people, and further highlight the myths about Conroy’s Filter.

    You can watch the video and share it with your friends here:


    Oh… and tell your mum.