• SMH comes out against the filter

    Apr 26 2010, 4:03

    Today’s Sydney Morning Herald, in an editorial entitled “Conroy tilts at a web windmill“, sharply criticised the filtering plan. (Scroll down to see the filter piece). The editorial, in only 400 words, accurately summarises the tone of the debate thus far and puts forward the key objections why those who understand the plan are so opposed to it. The key free speech argument is articulated as follows:

    But by trying to control the net, Conroy raises expectations that such a thing can be done. When the measure fails, as it will, there will be pressure to crack down harder, to restrict freedoms further. And what happens when various pressure groups – well intended, no doubt, every one of them – decide that they would like views opposing theirs censored, and start to pressure governments to limit net access further?

    It’s encouraging to see the SMH’s editors take a firm stand, and bring the issue into focus for a wider audience. Consider dropping them  a note of support.