• Getting around the filter

    Apr 14 2010, 3:09

    In a blog post for ZDNet, David Braue explains how easy it will be for people to get around the Government’s proposed Internet filter:

    Years ago, I was with a group of journalists discussing region-coded DVDs with the head of a large electronics manufacturer. We asked how vendors got away with stripping the region-coding feature from the DVD players they sell, which technically seemed to be an illegal violation of DVD licensing and copyright laws. “It’s funny,” he replied. “It just seems to happen whenever the shipping containers pass under the gantries on the highway from the port. We can’t do anything about it.”

    I suspect similar conversations will be common in a few years, after Senator Stephen Conroy’s misguided (he prefers the word “modest“) internet filter has been implemented and vendors are selling computers that are pre-configured to bypass it completely or small downloadable filter-circumvention apps undo years of debate and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars with a single click.

    All of this would, it appears, be absolutely fine to do. Because with Exit International and Pirate Party Australia-sponsored classes teaching senior citizens how to bypass the filter and access refused-classification euthanasia-related information, the revelation from the minister’s office that such classes are not illegal gave way to an even bigger revelation: it will not be an offence to bypass the filter.

    Read more here.  All of this just makes you wonder why Kevin Rudd, Stephen Conroy and the Labor Party continue to persevere with such a flawed policy.