• Filtering on Q & A

    Apr 13 2010, 3:43

    On the ABC current affairs panel show Q & A last night, the panel was asked about the Australian Government’s plan to introduce mandatory ISP level filtering.  The US Ambassador to Australia, Jeff Bleich, as well as the Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, and the Minister for Housing and the Status of Women, Tanya Plibersek, all commented on the filtering policy.  You can read about the discussion here, or watch the segment for yourself:


    1. Patrick says:

      If the goal of all of this was just to block child pornography, then they should make legislation that ONLY blocks child pornography, and give it a proper transparent process. Having a secret blacklist just gives them free reign to censor whatever they like without anyone even knowing it ever existed. This is a sick, misguided policy that must surely be designed to get votes and support from religious groups. Senator Conroy has already demonstrated perfectly that the government is can NOT be responsible for what we're allowed to say or see, by misleading the public, and stifling debate and discussion by accusing anyone who disagrees as being a pedophile. Conroy is an offense to democracy.

      Joe Hockey's support for individual liberty is very admirable and sincere when put against the nefarious ALP scheme, and that's, thankfully, how it comes off in the Q&A discussion.

    2. Some random person says:

      But the filter is easily circumventable anyway. It can't prevent access to information by the people who want to get around it. This debate is going backwards!

    3. Zelong says:

      Stephen Conroy's Internet Filter conflicts with US Policy!

      Uncle Sam may save us again, all good.

    4. Zelong says:

      US Ambassador to Australia Jeff Bleich is ask a question from the audience:

      "Given the United States commitment to Internet Freedom as articulated by Hillary Clinton in January does Australia's purposed Internet Filter threaten our relationship in anyway and can the United States continue to put pressure on Iran and China over Internet freedom if they don't similarly pressure Australia"

      Mr Bleich answers the question with:

      "On the issue of the internet we have been very clear. The internet needs to be free," Mr Bleich said. "It needs to be free the way we have said skies have to be free, outer space has to be free, the polar caps have to be free, the oceans have to be free. They're shared resources of all the people in the world"

      Stephen Conroy’s Internet Filter Clearly conflicts with US Policy. :)

    5. Zelong says:

      In reference to the question asked from the audience of Q&A's, "Given the United States commitment to Internet Freedom as articulated by Hillary Clinton in January"…… to Ambassador Jeff Bleich.

      Hillary Clinton on Free Internet:

      "In many respects, information has never been so free," Clinton said. She referred to the way that virtually anyone can broadcast information to the Internet at any time. But governments can also use Internet and communications technologies to repress their people, she said, "just as steel can be used to build hospitals or machine guns."

      "We stand for a single Internet, where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas," Clinton said.

      "The freedom to connect is like the freedom of assembly in cyberspace." — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking Thursday in a major policy statement.

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