• “Rape simulator” game and Internet censorship

    Mar 31 2010, 1:50

    There is a report in the Sydney Morning Herald today about a “rape simulator” game RapeLay:

    Attempts to ban a deplorable “rape simulator” video game have only caused it to spread virally across the internet, leading to calls for sites hosting the game to be blocked by internet censors.

    Karen Willis, executive officer of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre, said in a phone interview that the existence of material such as the RapeLay video game, which lets players simulate stalking and raping young girls, made internet filters, such as those proposed by the government, necessary.

    Read more here.  However, as offensive as this game is, it nonetheless does not justify the introduction of mandatory ISP level Internet filtering:

    Colin Jacobs, spokesman for the online users’ lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia, said on the surface a game like RapeLay might seem like a good argument for internet censorship but in reality trying to filter it would not work.

    “Those who want to will be able to get around the filter, and the content will be quickly copied from site to site,” he said.

    “Games like this will only ever represent a tiny minority, and the proper response is largely parental, to make sure kids aren’t getting their hands on them.”

    Similarly, Greens communications spokesman Scott Ludlam said: “If people want to pass it on, as soon as you block a URL it’s going to pop up in three other places.”

    Read the full story here.