• SMH: “On Conroy’s information byway, there’s some roadkill”

    Mar 27 2010, 11:06

    In the Sydney Morning Herald this morning there is a scathing op-ed piece on Senator Stephen Conroy and his plan to censor the Internet:

    IF YOU care about democracy, follow the worm. This worm has a name: Stephen Conroy. While Australians were distracted by another worm this week – top of the screen for Rudd, bottom for Abbott – few bothered to watch the more insidious wormling, Conroy.

    We get the democracy we deserve. Our failure to watch the squirming Conroy, the Communications Minister, means we’re about to get the web we deserve: among the most censored in the free world. We expect China, North Korea and Iran to filter what their citizens see. If Conroy gets his way, Australians will be subjected to a mandatory filter on internet service providers within a year.

    Read the rest of it here.