• “Conroy’s net filter – are we becoming like China?”

    Mar 18 2010, 2:53

    In a thoughtful, detailed blog post for The Age, Leon Gettler looks at the debate in Australia over internet censorship:

    The debate over internet censorship, led by Communications minister Steve Conroy, continues to rage. Conroy wants all service providers to ban “Refused Classification” material hosted on overseas servers which includes child sex abuse content, bestiality, sexual violence and instructions for crime and drug use. What’s really interesting is the way it seems to have generated so much ferocity online.

    Do we actually need to be protected? Never mind the fact that like many people, in all my years of using the internet, I’ve never actually come across this sort of content and I am constantly on the net. And you have to say that the people who actually find this stuff would be seeking it out. Are we that incapable of looking after ourselves? And are becoming like China? Do we need the Great Firewall of Australia?

    Read the rest of the post here, where Gettler makes some very good points about the scope of Refused Classification, the lack of detail presented by the Government thus far, as well as some of the international reaction to this proposal.