"Curbing freedom of speech will not prevent the exploitation of children."

Suzanne Dvorak, Save the Children.

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Australia deserves an Open Internet

The Australian Federal Government is pushing forward with a plan to force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to censor the Internet for all Australians. This plan to filter the Internet will not protect children from inappropriate material.
The filter will not prevent criminals from accessing and distributing child sexual abuse material. This type of material is not distributed in the open and we need to fund police to continue to infiltrate and prosecute the groups of people responsible for creating and distributing such material.
The filter will block access to material that is currently legal to possess and view, just not to sell and publicly display. The list of material to be banned is much more than child sexual abuse material. The banned category of material is anything that has been 'refused classification', which in the past has included websites about euthanasia, controversial movies such as Ken Park and Baise-moi, and many games that are designed for people over 16 years of age.
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This website is designed to be the campaign hub for all the different individuals and organisations that are that are campaigning against the Government's mandatory Internet filtering policy. Learn more about these groups here.
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